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Sullivan Rep is committed to taking the necessary steps to keep alive the vision of the company we have started. Our Vision in creating Sullivan Rep as a welcoming and supportive space relies heavily on our commitment to Safety, Accessibility, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Read more about our promises and goals for each of those below.


Sullivan Rep is committed to creating a safe space for all involved including staff, performers, patrons, volunteers, and anyone else who works with us. Our rehearsal and performance venues will be held to the highest safety standards. All set pieces, props, set dressing, seating, and venues will be assessed and maintained to ensure all performers and audience member’s safety. Producers, Company Managers, and our Director of Community, will be available throughout the collaboration with all artists working at Sullivan Rep to address any safety concerns. Sullivan Rep takes very seriously the treatment of our artists and will continue to ensure their well-being in all physical and emotional capacities. The engagement of fight choreographers and intimacy directors will be assessed by show, to cultivate a safe, creative, and supportive space for all.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Sullivan Rep holds the commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion as a cornerstone of our organization. Our Board of Directors, and all our staff believe in the dignity of each person, and strive to create an accepting, welcoming, and encouraging space for all. Sullivan Rep believes that the beauty of theater is in celebrating the individuality and spirit of each person and Story to ultimately discover what bonds and unites us. To do so, we aim to tell stories that represent all different experiences, voices, and perspectives within life to unite us and help us grow as a community. 

We are dedicated to creating an equitable space for all involved including staff, artists, audience members, independent contractors, and volunteers alike.  Sullivan Rep is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to Inclusion and Diversity. No person shall be discriminated against based on age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical attributes, disability, religion, national origin, citizenship, veteran status,  politics, or any other factor applicable affected by federal, state, or local laws. Our board of directors, and subsequent employers, will stand up against discrimination and harassment in all its forms.


Sullivan Rep aims to create theater for all, and believes in doing so, that no physical or mental barrier should prevent any person from joining. We will do our best to ensure that any accommodations necessary for anyone to be a part of Sullivan Rep, either on stage or off, will be met.

To plan your visit and let us know how we can assist with any accommodations, please reach out to our Director of Community, Jenna Lea Scott, so that we can best assist you.

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