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Season One

Steel Pier - February 2024

Taking place in Depression-era Atlantic City, we follow Ms. Rita Racine as she participates alongside many other contestants in a Dance Marathon that is run by her corrupt husband Mick in Kander and Ebb’s “Steel Pier”. When her dance partner for the contest doesn’t show, Rita agrees to take on a rather persistent stunt pilot named Bill in order to enter in time. A form of competition and entertainment, we follow this particular marathon as the contestants must not only stay standing as long as possible but survive specific dances, specialty performances, a publicity stunt cellophane wedding and the sprints. Though this is meant to be her last marathon before she and Mick retire to their house by the shore, Bill inspires Rita to open her eyes to all the other opportunities which could lay ahead of her by escaping her current toxic situation. 

A Little Night Music - June 2024

In this stage adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's 'Songs of a Summer Night' we follow the romantic entanglements of the lawyer Frederik, his wife Anne, his son Henrik, their maid Petra, the married dragoon Count Carl Magnus, his wife Charlotte, and the glamorous Actress, Ms. Desiree Armfeldt as they build and eventually come to a head during a weekend in the Swedish countryside. Complete with poor timing, close calls, sunsets, wrong names, piano lessons, riotous laughter, torrid affairs, Russian roulette and plenty of waltzing (all of which are accompanied by judgment and commentary from Desiree’s mother and daughter), “A Little Night Music” asks us all to reflect on the loves, regrets and choices of our lives and encourages us to not wait for the perfect invitation to come along.

Blithe Spirit - October 2024

In order to research material on the occult for his next book, novelist Charles Condomine and his wife Ruth host two of their friends for dinner and invite the eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to join them and finish off the evening with a séance. Though the hosts are skeptical of Madame Arcati’s actual clairvoyance, the séance works and the spirit of Charles’ temperamental first wife, Elvira, returns from beyond the grave- at first just her voice, but then she just walks right in through the french doors. Unhappy with the fact that Charles has remarried and remaining only able to be seen and heard by him and not Ruth, Elvira takes the opportunity to disrupt his marriage through a good old classic haunting. Things take an even steeper turn when Elvira eventually makes an attempt on Charles’ life so that he may join her in the afterlife.

Annie - December 2024

Based on the 1924 comic strip created by Harold Gray, the musical follows the adventure of little orphan Annie as she gets adopted by Billionaire Oliver Warbucks for the Christmas holiday. Chosen by secretary Grace Farrell, Annie meets and befriends all the members of the house staff including Drake the butler, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Greer, and many more. In a search for her birth parents, she finds herself meeting president FDR and spending some time with his cabinet. Working against her are Ms. Hannigan, the matron at the orphanage, her brother Rooster, and his girlfriend Lily St. Regis. With Warbucks, Annie discovers so much of the world she hadn't discovered before, learns the truth about her parents and finally finds herself a home.

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